Scott Perez, Lucas Hornbeck, Chris Perez & Jeff Balistreri work on music like the rest of their chaotic gulf coast hometown works on craft beer. Distilling, practicing, and refining nuances, subtle notes and nods to classic indie rock, post-hardcore, midwest emo, shoegaze & the "get in the van ask questions later" sounds & ethos that were birthed in the early aughts, just to be washed back out to sea much to early during the very same digital renaissance that has you reading this from a screen instead of a flyer or the back of a record. 


When 2020 silenced every stage and caged every traveler, the sonic vacuum inspired a handful of songs written through various livestream performances and cut in an old downtown apartment. 

These were released independently as singles throughout 2021.


As the calendar page turns to 2024, the band is showing no signs of slowing down.

Electrifying every stage on the map or elsewhere, while using each night under stage light to curate what is shaping up to be a new record that brings the stage to your stereo with surgical precision that never loses its purpose of delivering the passionate, visceral, brain saturating, chest thumping roar of a rock band 3 feet from your face in a crowded club.


Hugo was released on December 10th, 2023. Named after the 1989 hurricane that shredded the US east coast…

Why name a record that? Well…

The last couple of years gave almost daily deja vu of the moments after coming back to a world turned into a hollow shell over night, the moment Luke’s dad captured in the photograph on the cover.

The “roaring 20’s” have tried us and our families with sickness, loss, and sadness….

BUT just like the aftermath of the storm, our friends, our love for playing music, and family keep us pushing.

We are still here. We ain’t going no where.

You’ll hear a bunch of fuzzy radio interference in certain parts of the record. Yes that was intentional!

Luke’s dad had to sit and wait for the insurance company with the house with nothing but an AM battery powered radio while he sent me and my mom back to Ohio.

The broadcasts you hear are people communicating over ham radios to relay messages to friends and family up and down the east coast, from Charlotte, to Daytona.

AM radio stations were the only means of communication when the power and phone lines failed.

We hope you enjoy our record, and will see you out at a venue near you.